Plot Summary

    Félicie is a young orphan who has only one passion - ballet. With her best friend Victor, she comes up with a madcap scheme to escape their orphanage and head to the city where she can fulfil her dreams.
    Through cunning plans and hard work Félicie lands a spot at the top dance school, where she has to take on the school bully to win the starring role.

    Hell on Wheels Season 5 Volume 2

    Plot Summary

    The last seven episodes of “HELL ON WHEELS” is the end of the line for Cullen Bohannon (Anson Mount) and his work on America’s first transcontinental railroad. The final push to finish the road brings with it a reckoning for Bohannon and the men standing in his path: the bloodthirsty Swede; the mercenary Chang, and the rapacious Thomas Durant. Cullen contends with corruption, greed and murder as he leads the Central Pacific through the Sierras and across the Utah desert to Promontory Point. While the railroad’s completion is certain, who and what will survive the golden spike remains in question - with no one more at risk than Cullen Bohannon.

    CSI: Cyber - The Final Season

    Plot Summary

    The second and final season of CSI Cyber follows the work of Avery Ryan (Patricia Arquette), as she and the team welcome D.B. Russell (Ted Danson), a Las Vegas veteran Crime Scene Investigator recruited by Ryan to direct the FBI's Next Generation Cyber Forensics Division. Still grieving the loss of his best friend, and following a recent divorce, Russell decides to take on new challenges by studying how crimes play out in the real world, combining old school forensics with new school tech.

    The Edge of Seventeen

    Plot Summary

    Everyone knows that growing up is hard, and life is no easier for high school junior Nadine (Hailee Steinfeld), who is already at peak awkwardness when her all-star older brother Darian (Blake Jenner) starts dating her best friend Krista (Haley Lu Richardson). All at once, Nadine feels more alone than ever, until the unexpected friendship of a thoughtful boy (Hayden Szeto) gives her a glimmer of hope that things just might not be so terrible after all.


    Plot Summary

    When mysterious spacecraft touch down across the globe, an elite team – led by expert linguist Louise Banks (Amy Adams) – are brought together to investigate. As nations struggle to make a coordinated response mankind teeters on the verge of global war, leaving Banks and the team in a race against time for answers – and to find them, she will take a chance that could threaten her life, and quite possibly humanity’s very existence.

    The Light Between Oceans

    Plot Summary

    Based on the bestselling novel by M.L. Stedman and from acclaimed director Derek Cianfrance (The Place Beyond
    The Pines), The Light Between Oceans is a beautiful and heart-breaking reminder of the infinite power of
    love and the lengths that we’ll go to in order to protect it.

    When lighthouse keeper Tom Sherbourne (Michael Fassbender – 12 Years A Slave) and his adored wife Isabel
    (Alicia Vikander – The Danish Girl) discover a baby adrift in a boat off the remote coast of Western Australia they
    assume the worse that her parents are dead. Determined to give her a happy life full of love they choose to raise the child
    as their own but it’s not until years later that the shattering consequences of their decision will change their lives forever.

    I, Daniel Blake

    Plot Summary

    From acclaimed director Ken Loach comes this astonishing story of triumph and adversity in modern day Britain.

    Daniel Blake has worked as a joiner for most of his life in Newcastle. Now, for the first time ever, he needs help from the State. He crosses paths with single mother Katie who is battling to keep her two young children fed. Daniel and Katie find themselves
    in a no-man’s land, striving to pull themselves out of the welfare bureaucracy of modern day Britain.

    Award winning and critically lauded, I, Daniel Blake is the vital film for our times.

    Peppa Pig - Gerald Giraffe

    Plot Summary

    Gerald Giraffe is new to playgroup, he’s trying to make friends with Peppa and the group but finds being so tall
    is making playing hide and seek quite a challenge!

    Daddy Pig takes Peppa and George to school on their scooters. He shows Mummy Pig how fun it is then they both ride the
    scooters to pick up the children.
    Mummy and Daddy Pig take Peppa and George to a castle to feast on medieval banquets, play King and Queen and even meet a dragon. It’s George’s favourite day ever!

    The Guardians of Oz

    Plot Summary

    From visionary animator Jorge Gutiérrez (The Book Of Life) comes a new fun-filled adventure continuing the legendary tale of Oz - as seen through the eyes of Ozzy, a kindhearted flying monkey.
    When wicked witch Eveline threatens all before her, Ozzy joins forces with cheeky young sorceress Gabby, the Lion, Scarecrow, and Tin Woodman to defeat Eveline once and for all.  In doing so he discovers that when you work together, anything is possible!

    Revolting Rhymes

    Plot Summary

    Based on the extraordinary book by Roald Dahl, illustrated by Quentin Blake, Revolting Rhymes mixes the classic fairy tales of Little Red Riding Hood, Snow White, The Three Little Pigs, Jack & the Beanstalk and Cinderella, then serves them with a mischievous twist.
    Will Little Red Riding Hood become a meal for the Big Bad Wolf? Can Snow White out-wit her evil stepmother? Is the house of bricks strong enough to protect the Little Pig? How can Jack avoid the Giant and find his golden treasure? Who will Cinderella marry? The narrator wolf has all the answers, as well as a story of his own to tell.
    From the filmmakers behind award winning titles The Gruffalo and Stick Man, these two 30 minute films are beautifully animated and feature the voices of Rob Brydon, Bertie Carvel, Gemma Chan, Tamsin Greig, Isaac Hempstead Wright, Rose Leslie, Bel Powley, David Walliams and Dominic West.

    The Girl on the Train

    Plot Summary

    Based on the global best-selling novel by Paula Hawkins THE GIRL ON THE TRAIN is a gripping thriller that will have you hanging off the edge of your seat.
    Devastated by her recent divorce Rachel Watson (Emily Blunt) is infatuated by the seemingly perfect couple she sees from her daily commuter train that runs past their house. One day she sees something shocking and in that moment, everything changes. Driven by intrigue, passion and suspense, Rachel has a chance to become a part of the lives she’s only watched from afar but to what lengths will she go to uncover the truth?

    A Walk in the Woods

    Plot Summary

    This hilarious comedy stars Robert Redford as the bestselling travel writer Bill Bryson, who makes the improbable decision to hike the 2,200 mile Appalachian Trail from Maine to Georgia.  Emma Thompson co-stars as Bryson’s wife who, fearing for her husband’s life out in the wilderness tries her level best to persuade him to remain in the comforts of the homestead.

    The peace and tranquillity Bryson hopes to find, is anything but once he sets off with the only person willing to join his trek – his cantankerous friend Katz (Nick Nolte).  Thus begins an adventure like none other as they are forced to contend with everything from wild bears; weird and wacky fellow travellers; irate locals and just having to deal with each other.  Together they learn that some roads may be better left untraveled.


    Plot Summary

    Life tells the true story of the fledgling photographer Dennis Stock (Robert Pattinson) who in 1955 convinced a young, up-and-coming James Dean (Dane DeHaan) to pose for a photo-essay in Life Magazine. Together the two take a trip from L.A. to Dean's hometown of Fairmont, Indiana via New York so that Stock could photograph Dean in all the environments that had affected and shaped his unique character. 

    While Stock thinks he's capturing a star in the moment before his meteroic rise, it gradually becomes clear that he's actullay documenting Dean's final moments of intimacy and simplicity weeks before his untimely death that turned him into an icon.